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MetaTouch offers holistic, customized physical therapy services to relieve your body's aches and pains. Visit our Culver City location for a session today!

Traditional Physical therapy is very exercise and strengthening focused. At MetaTouch our therapists take their traditional training and incorporate it into the MetaTouch model. We believe that when an injury occurs an imbalance is created. If that imbalance isn’t corrected before we begin strengthening the area, the only thing that is being strengthened is the injury.

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Personalized Therapeutic Experiences

Our therapists will create a plan that is catered to your individual needs. Through this, we can ensure that your massage treatment will yield maximum results.

Highly Trained Physical Therapists

All our therapists are trained in the Myo Align Technique. This technique gives them the tools to get to the root of your pain while designing a treatment to help you out of pain.

State of the Art Therapeutic Techniques

Our therapists are trained in a variety of modern massage and bodywork techniques. Among them is the MyoAlign technique, created by our founder Holden Zalma.

Physical Therapy Services
Provided by MetaTouch

At MetaTouch, with specific fascia and bodywork physical therapy techniques we are able to bring the body back into balance so that when we do begin strengthening the area, we are building stability throughout the whole body not just where the injury was. This form of physical therapy accelerates the healing process exponentially while helping to prevent the injury from reoccurring.


This treatment methodology, invented by our founder Holden Zalma, uses multiple modalities to find the root of what is ailing you, eliminate it and give you the tools to maintain those changes for a lifetime. This technique is taught to all our staff and is incorporated into all of our treatments.

Body Balance

A 1-3 month program where multiple practitioners will help rebuild you from the ground up focusing on achieving your end goal. Pain relief, performance improvement, the workout before you start working out (helping to prevent injuries before starting a new workout routine) or creating a more balanced body.

Meta Physical Therapy

Tailored movements and bodywork to help strengthen and align the body into an optimal state.

MetaTouch Elite

Our Elite In-Home Massage service was created to provide the same expert MetaTouch care from the comfort and convenience of your home.

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MetaTouch Body Balance

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Service & Pricing

Physical Therapy



First Time Client

10 min consultation & 60 min session


MetaTouch Tune Up

30 min session


Classic MetaTouch

60 min session


Full Body Reset

90 min session


Body Balance

Multiple Sessions


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The MetaTouch Studio

Our studio in Culver City is packed with all equipment needed to help balance your body and keep it that way. Our goal was to create a space along with movements and exercises that could easily be recreated in your own home.

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