Personal Training

MetaTouch offers customized personal training sessions to help you achieve the strongest, stable version of yourself! Visit our Culver City location for a session today!

MetaTouch Personal Training takes into account your specific body type, fitness level, emotional state and goals to design programs especially for you.

Improve strength and flexibility

With increased strength and flexibility the body is better able to deal with whatever you throw at it without going into an injured state.

Become strong and stable

With targeted exercises, we help your body get stronger while maintaining proper alignment helping to prevent injuries.

Lose weight and increase tone

The body systems don’t have to work as hard when they are not having to carry as much excess weight around. And the added benefit is you’ll look better too!

Feel at home with MetaTouch

Personalized Training Experiences

Our trainers customize your workouts to encourage proper alignment while pushing the body to change into the strongest stable version of you possible.

Highly Qualified Personal Trainers

All our trainers have multiple years of experience and are licensed and certified.

State of the Art Training Techniques

Our trainers our constantly learning and utilizing the newest techniques to provide you with the most comprehensive, safe and effective workouts possible.

Creating the strong stable version of you

Our personal trainers create customized programs to help you reach your fitness goals while maintaining proper alignment. This helps prevent injuries, increase strength all while having a fun work out!

Strengthen Your Body

The key to living a more pain free life is strengthening the body into proper alignment. When the body's systems are strong and stable they work more efficiently, allowing you do do the things you want to do with out the fear of pain or injury.

Increase mobility

When the body is in balance it can move through its full range of motion. This can decrease pain and improve overall performance.

Work out anywhere

All our workouts utilize bodyweight and minimal equipment allowing you to recreate them at home or when traveling.

Become MetaStrong!

Strength / Balance / Stability

Personal Training re-invented. Individualized programs to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

Your body. Your way.

Does the "one size fits all" model not really fit you? At MetaTouch our programs are catered to your specific needs and fitness level. As your body changes so do our workouts!

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