“When your purpose is clear your results will be amazing!”

– Holden Zalma

MetaTouch was created with one purpose in mind, to help people become the best version of themself. We achieve this by treating all our clients as people, not body parts. Our process gets to the root of their pain or imbalance, works a solution then reinforces those changes with customized movements and strengthening.


Medicine has become so overly specialized that the “person” has been lost in the shuffle. At MetaTouch we put "you" first.

The Evaluation

All our practitioners perform a detailed 10 point evaluation. By assessing your total physical and emotional state, we are able to discover the root cause of what’s bothering you, and design a treatment plan specific to your individual needs.

The Treatment

Our MetaMassage utilizes a variety of manual therapy techniques, to help re-mold the fascia, increase range of motion, decrease pain and create better balance throughout the body.

The Glue

We consider our MetaMovement trainers the glue of our process. After our MetaMassage therapists help clean the “body pallet”, allowing the body to achieve optimal movement, our trainers then design strengthening routines to lock those changes in place. Our focus is to create stability through the whole body instead of just one body part. This helps achieve longer lasting, functional results.



Elevate your vitality and take the first step towards a rejuvenated you. Embrace the MetaTouch difference—book your session now and embark on a path to lasting wellness.

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