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Most kids think they're invincible but even super man needed help sometimes

The pressure that is put on our kids in today’s society can eclipse that of a high level executive! Trying to do well in school, being involved in multiple sports and activities and the pressure society and parents are placing on them, all take a toll on their bodies and minds. This stress and strain can manifest as injuries and trauma the same as it does in adults. 

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Personalized Therapeutic Experiences

Our therapists will create a plan that is catered to your individual needs. Through this, we can ensure that your massage treatment will yield maximum results.

Highly Trained Therapists

All our therapists are trained in the MyoAlign Technique. This technique gives them the tools to get to the root of your pain while designing a treatment to help you out of pain.

State of the Art Therapeutic Techniques

Our therapists are trained in a variety of modern massage and bodywork techniques. Among them is the MyoAlign technique, created by our founder Holden Zalma.

No matter the age, We know how to treat them at their level.

At MetaTouch we’re trained and experienced in dealing with most types of pediatric injuries and how to address them with kid gloves. Our goal is to get them back to 100% as quickly as possible.

Whether it’s the sore back of a 6 yr old or a 15yr old with knee pain from volleyball practice, we know how to address the emotional and physical toll pain can take on your kids.

All our sessions are done with the parents or guardian in the room with every step being explained to all parties involved.

Meet MyoAlign

Are you a PT, Massage Therapist, or Chiropractor
looking to up your game?

This treatment methodology, invented by our founder Holden Zalma, uses multiple modalities to find the root of what is ailing you, eliminate it and give you the tools to maintain those changes for a lifetime. This technique is taught to all our staff and is incorporated into all of our treatments.

Your body. Your way.

With the use of multiple techniques, our therapists create a therapy experience that caters to your whole body's needs. No more being treated as acute body part, but rather as the whole person you are!

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