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Join the thousands of happy clients that know that the Body Balance program is more than just therapy, it's a way of life. Visit our Culver City location do rediscover the best version of yourself!

A multi month program
that is built to fit you.

The body balance program is based on a premise, that only when the body is in balance can it perform at an optimal level. We work to achieve this goal in three parts: The Evaluation Phase
Where we discover the root cause of the pain or imbalance.
The Rebalancing Phase
We use targeted bodywork and manual therapy to mold the body back into an optimal state.
Strengthening Phase
The last phase of our program we consider the glue. Using specialized exercises, we lock in the changes achieved during the rebalancing phase. This program can take from 1-3 months and has had amazing life changing results!

Over 2 decades of helping others find their balanced body

Over 300,000+ happy clients

The average MetaTouch client refers at least 5 people! We consider all our clients part of the MetaTouch family, would you like to join our family?

27 years in the field

Years of experience means that we have the knowledge to give you the exact care you need and deserve.

Wide variety of techniques

Our therapists are trained in a variety of modern massage techniques. Among them is the MyoAlign technique, created by founder Holden Zalma. this allows them to treat you with what you need not what they know.

A holistic approach
to your pain

Gone are the days of being treated as a body part! At MetaTouch, our physical therapists treat you as a whole, taking into account your physical, emotional state as well as the environmental factors contributing to your condition. This approach leads to longer lasting, more effective results.

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