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Our therapists will create a plan that is catered to your individual needs. Through this, we can ensure that your massage treatment will yield maximum results.

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All our therapists are trained in the Myo Align Technique. This technique gives them the tools to get to the root of your pain while designing a treatment to help you out of pain.

State of the Art Therapeutic Techniques

Our therapists are trained in a variety of modern massage and bodywork techniques. Among them is the MyoAlign technique, created by our founder Holden Zalma.

Holden Zalma

Alternative Health Practitioner, Founder of MetaTouch Body Balance, Licensed Massage Therapist, Business Coach

Holden began his career as an assistant athletic trainer at the University of Southern California.  There, he worked to keep the student-athletes as injury and pain-free as possible. He graduated with a BA in Psychology and a minor in pre-physical therapy from USC.  After leaving USC he realized there was a major gap in the medical field. The most common course of treatment for muscular-skeletal injuries or pain was; drugs, injections, PT then surgery. Most of which would focus on the symptoms not the root cause.

Holden knew there was another option. He knew that if the root cause of the pain was discovered (using targeted manual therapy techniques to help return balance back to the body) it would lead to enormous increases in range of motion, reduction of localized and systemic pain and more consecutive pain-free days than other, more traditional treatments.

With this focus in mind, Holden created the “MyoAlign Technique”  This technique allows the practitioner to discover key fascial restrictions in the tissue and correct them, bringing balance back to the body and reducing pain. Holden teaches this technique in seminars to other practitioners and to all of his staff at MetaTouch.

With 28 years practicing bodywork and over 300,000 clients treated, Holden has been called a true healer.  His ability to quickly discover the root of pain and dysfunction, find a solution to that pain, all while connecting with each client’s specific needs, has allowed him to become one of the premier therapists in the world.  

His clients include everyone from business moguls, A-list celebrities, professional athletes to soccer moms and weekend warriors.  He has clients fly in from all 4 corners of the world to experience his touch.  

In addition to healing bodies, Holden also has a love of business. He has created a program to help other entrepreneurs start or level up their own health service business to 6 figures and beyond.  For more information check out www.businessholistic.com 

Jesse Olmos

Certified Personal Trainer

Jesse is a personal trainer that started his career as a semi professional basketball player.

After an injury sidelined him, Jesse decided to pursue his athletic career off the court and became a certified trainer.

 Through his career he has owned his own gym, trained thousands of people and has become famous for the amazing transformations he has facilitated.  

Jessica McCargar

L.M.T, C.M.T Licensed/Certified Massage Therapist

When Jessica was young her mother suffered from constant migraines, neck and shoulder pain and would ask for massages. She enjoyed helping her mom get through this pain more naturally especially when the medications weren’t helping. Now as a practicing adult, she enjoys helping her clients find immediate relief from pain and tension. Jessica has a passion for helping others to live their best and happiest lives by having good health and self-care practices. She knows that healing begins from the inside out and loves to be the catalyst for that healing. She is a great listener and wants to hear about her clients lives to get to the root cause of the issue; whether it be nutrition and eating lifestyle, career shifts and desires, home life, or relationship blocks. 

Her favorite modalities that she feels bring the best results are sports massage, deep tissue with a slow and patient approach, and acupressure. These help the clients find immediate relief and better movement. She is also finding that guiding her clients to improved nutrition is having multiple positive results of; feeling better in their bodies, feeling nourished, increased energy, and easily able to get back on track. She also really enjoys helping her prenatal clients attain a relaxed state while their bodies are going through so many shifts. Clients find relief from back, shoulder, and hip pain that are common in pregnancies. 

She loves to express herself through dance whether it be Zumba, Hula, or out with friends. Walks on the beach solo or with a friend brings her peace, joy, and grounding. 

Jesse Wohlberg

Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

Jesse was born and raised in New Jersey. During his childhood, Jesse found himself in and out of hospitals due to medical issues. It was there that he was exposed to various types of therapies and treatments.  After experiencing first hand how different treatments can affect one’s life, his interests were piqued to find a way that he could help others using a more holistic approach to healing. 

Jesse began his healing journey by becoming certified in personal training and nutrition. But once he discovered massage therapy he never looked back!  Through massage, Jesse has found joy in being able to heal the people around him.  He does this by getting to know each client on a deeper level, helping him to better understand the root of their pain and  design a treatment to help get them out .

After moving to California, Jesse wanted to continue his education in massage therapy and stumbled upon MetaTouch and the MyoAlign Technique.  Jesse now specialises in sports massage, stretching, Myofacial work and trigger point therapy. Jesse’s goal with each client  is to help reduce their pain, increase mobility and improve their overall quality of life.  

Ryan Cardenas

Massage Therapist

Ryan was born and raised in Hawaii, but relocated to California during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Growing up, he was heavily active in lifting weights, and football. This piqued his interest in fitness and how different forms of exercise can affect your body differently. 

In school, Ryan struggled to find a major that interested him. He knew that traditional education wasn’t the path for him and needed to find a way to incorporate his passion for fitness with his desire to be helpful. That’s when he found massage therapy. 

As a therapist, Ryan strives to learn from all experiences and is constantly educating himself in the latest techniques.  

Ryan specialises in sports and rehabilitative massage therapy, he gets joy out of assisting clients get out of pain, improve their posture and regain range of motion to move freely.

He is able to achieve these results by listening to the client and their body. He customises each session to meet the needs of his clients depending on their lifestyle, movement patterns and emotional state. 

Outside of bodywork, you can find Ryan working out in CrossFit with friends, or watching movies and relaxing with his wife. 

Lucy Lewis

L.M.T, C.M.T Licensed/Certified Massage Therapist

Lucy Lewis has been a certified massage therapist in Los Angeles for over 15 years. She began her training at the Shiatsu School Of California in Santa Monica, studying under several of LA’s master teachers. By integrating the meridian system into all her bodywork treatments, she is able to “move chi” around, helping people feel more centered and connected after their sessions. She utilizes multiple techniques including The MyoAlign Method which allows her to customize her treatments to each client’s individual needs.  Her work can be as light as lymphatic drainage or as deep as walking on the body. Forever curious about everything related to health and the body, she has also recently started embarking on the study of the iris, known as iridology, which can give you an understanding of what is going on in the body simply by looking into your eyes!  

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