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Who benefits from MetaTouch?

Whether you are an pro athlete, a weekend warrior or are suffering from back pain during pregnancy, MetaTouch will design a program to help your specific needs!


The same thing that attracts people to athletics, a chance to push their body to the limit, can be the same thing that can stop them all together! MetaTouch has treatments that can either help you get back in the game or help take you to the next level.

Children & Adolescents

The pressure put on our kids today can eclipse that of a high level executive! Trying to do well in school, being involved in sports all coupled with the pressure society and parents are placing on them, can take a serious toll on their bodies' and minds. MetaTouch therapists are trained to address the problems that kids experience in a manner that they will understand and feel safe.

Injuries / Chronic Pain

At MetaTouch our goal it to discover and treat the root of the problem not just the symptom.  This allows us to stop the pain where it began and prevent it from returning. This means that most injuries that normally take months to treat can be almost eliminated in days! 


During pregnancy the body goes through hundreds of changes. Some can cause new aches and pains that your doctor has very few solutions for. Our MetaTouch treatments can help alleviate Carpal Tunnel symptoms, swollen feet, back and neck pain, morning sickness, Sciatica, headaches and much more without any risk to the unborn baby.

At MetaTouch
it's all about you!

Our therapists are trained in a variety of modern massage and bodywork techniques to create a custom plan just for you!

Our specialized form of therapeutic massage utilizes the MyoAlign Technique invented by our founder Holden Zalma.

MetaTouch offers customized personal training sessions to help you achieve the strongest, stable version of yourself!​

This is Physical Therapy MetaTouch style! Our therapists use specialized techniques and exercises to bring you back into balance and keep you there.

Our Body Balance program was created to help get you and your body back to zero. Zero is the point at which all parts of your body and mind are working together and in their proper alignment.

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See how MetaTouch services can bring you back to balance!

The MetaTouch Studio

Our studio is packed with all equipment needed to help balance your body and keep it that way. Our goal was to create a space along with movements and exercises that could easily be recreated in your own home.

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