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Category: All Posts

Therapeutic massages and physical therapy are types of bodywork that can create long lasting pain-free results.
Holden Zalma

What Are You Working Out For?

Today I was having a conversation with my amazing trainer Kurt Elder at  I had mentioned that I want to work my legs more. 

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Holden Zalma

Thanksgiving Thought…

I woke up this morning with an immense sense of gratitude. So many people are constantly asking, why don’t I have this, or why don’t

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Greetings from MetaTouch, This summer MetaTouch celebrated 25 years in business...

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This is Physical Therapy MetaTouch style! Our therapists use specialized techniques and exercises to bring you back into balance and keep you there.

Our Body Balance program was created to help get you and your body back to zero. Zero is the point at which all parts of your body and mind are working together and in their proper alignment.

Our specialized form of therapeutic massage utilizes the MyoAlign Technique invented by our founder Holden Zalma.