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Step Up Your Game During Men’s Health Month With These Healthy Habits

MetaTouch Body Balance shares tips to help men improve their health

CULVER CITY, Calif. (June 01, 2023) – June is national Men’s Health Month, and it may be time to make some changes, especially considering the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that men die an average of five years earlier than women. The more men prioritize their health and wellness, the longer they can live. 

“It’s easy to put off taking care of yourself, but then it can lead to pain, diseases, and an earlier death,” explains holistic bodywork practitioner Holden Zalma, founder of MetaTouch Body Balance and creator of the MyoAlign Technique. “Make this the year to be serious about your health and trade the dad bod for a rad bod!”

 Zalma encourages people to commit to these healthy habits during Men’s Health Month:

  • Move to strengthen mobility. Men should be able to touch their toes, do a functional squat as well as twist and move. Movement is vital to keep the blood flowing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 39% of adults have chronic back pain. Many others suffer from shoulder pain. Being physically active helps keep pain away. Keeping active strengthens mobility. Making mobility a mission is critical to preventing pain and injuries.
  • Receive the proper massage and bodywork. People often opt for massage to help with the pain but many massage centers only focus on relaxation and avoid points of pain. As a holistic bodyworker himself, Zalma works on the issues causing the pain and then helps create new healthier patterns to prevent the pain from returning.  Choose a massage option that will be beneficial, so you can perform at your best.
  • Have better body awareness. By identifying the origin of the pain, the root cause of the problem, it is easier to get help. It is important to avoid doing things that may contribute to the problem.
  • Be in balance. Before men start a new exercise program or lift heavy weights, it is essential that they first get their bodies in alignment. As a world renowned bodywork specialist, Zalma focuses on body balance and teaches self-help methods.
  • Shock the body. Cold plunges or heat exposure, such as saunas, are great ways to shock the body because it improves recovery and performance, stimulates leukocytes that help fight off sicknesses and can increase your baseline dopamine levels that improve your mood.
  • Protecting the skin. Being the body’s largest organ, protecting the skin from sun exposure is essential. The CDC reports that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. The sun can damage the skin within 15 minutes. Make a point to use good sunscreen, cover the skin when possible, and try to spend more time in the shade.
  • Watch the drinking. Men are inundated with advertisements promoting the drinking of alcohol. The problem is that drinking in excess can lead to the deterioration of health. The CDC reports that 75% of deaths resulting from excessive drinking are among males, around 97,000 deaths annually. 

“Most men already know this information, at least vaguely,” added Zalma. “Make this the year to instill healthy habits and make changes. You will feel better and may even live longer.”

Zalma is a celebrity holistic bodywork practitioner, and a licensed manual therapist who has created the MyoAlign Technique as an alternative therapy for treating people suffering from chronic pain. Zalma and his team of professionals at MetaTouch Body Balance focus on fascia work and fascia release to help relieve pain thereby bringing balance back to the body.  Working in the alternative health field for over 28 years, he has helped more than 300,000 people with his healing therapy, including many celebrities. MetaTouch Body Balance creates lasting positive change in clients to allow optimum performance. To learn more about Zalma’s holistic technique follow him @MetaTouch, and book at apportionment today at

About MetaTouch Body Balance

MetaTouch Body Balance was founded in 1996 by world renowned Holistic Bodywork Practitioner Holden Zalma. Located in Culver City, California the facility focuses on fascia work and manual therapy for the treatment of pain and the resolution of injuries. MetaTouch uses the famous MyoAlign Technique which reduces pain at the point of origin and creates lasting change. Once a resolution is found, MyoAlign therapists customize a plan to keep the body in balance and performing at optimum levels. Over 300,000 people, including many A-list celebrities, have been helped in just three to five sessions.To get more information, visit and follow @MetaTouch on Instagram to learn pro tips from Holden Zalma. 


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