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Culver City native Holden Zalma is the owner and CEO of MetaTouch Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center on Sepulveda Boulevard.

In business now for almost 17 years, Zalma began his career as a USC athletic trainer after graduating with a degree in psychology with a minor in physical therapy. Zalma also said he took a foray into acupuncture, “to confuse me.”

Working with corporate clients as well as celebrities and people in the entertainment industry, Zalma says, “Our focus is different from the run-of-the-mill massage centers. We are more pain focused. We offer a more comprehensive approach to help people get better as quickly as they can.”

That holisitic approach is an integral part of Zalma’s work.

“When people hurt themselves or they get sick, it’s not just [about] ‘Oh, my foot hurts’ or ‘Oh, my back hurts,” Zalma explains. “It’s [about figuring out] why… what’s all the stuff that lined up to make those things happen?”

He extrapolates further, explaining that if you went through a bad break up or you are dealing with something terrible at work and then your back goes out, it’s not just a physical problem you’re dealing with.

“It’s because that emotional component comes in,” he says. “If you don’t address that as well, it doesn’t heal as quickly. [At MetaTouch], we talk and touch. We try to make everyone as comfortable as possible.”

Zalma says his success rate is high.

“I lose patients because they get better too quickly,” he quips.


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This is Physical Therapy MetaTouch style! Our therapists use specialized techniques and exercises to bring you back into balance and keep you there.

Our Body Balance program was created to help get you and your body back to zero. Zero is the point at which all parts of your body and mind are working together and in their proper alignment.

Our specialized form of therapeutic massage utilizes the MyoAlign Technique invented by our founder Holden Zalma.

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