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The Belly…It’s More Than Just a Button!

If you’ve read any of the other blogs I’ve written over the years, you’ll tend to see a bit of a trend…  I’m a firm believer that when you think something is coming from one place it usually is coming from somewhere else.  Today I’m going to discuss your belly, not because you have a stomach ache or want to see what new piercing you’re going to get, but to see how it can be a starting point for a lot of your pain.

So think about it this way, the belly is in the center of your body.  Anything that happens in this area can effect everything above, below or both!  I know I said we’re not going to talk about a stomach ache but it does work as a good example.   What happens when your stomach hurts?  Because of the pain, you crunch forward, curling your back and flattening your lower spine.  So what if that pain was constant?  You would be constantly crunching forward.  This posture pushes your head forward, flattens your back and shortens your quads.  This can lead to low back pain, neck pain and your hands going numb, just to name a few.

So what I’ve found, is if there is any trauma to the mid section (spasm, strain, surgery…etc) you run the risk of developing symptoms that can be completely unrelated to but end up originating from this area.  I had a client that couldn’t turn her head.  She had every treatment under the sun addressing her neck but the pain and mobility would never improve.  I opened up her belly and within 3-minutes her range of motion increased by 40% and her pain went from a 10 to a 2!

One thing you can do for yourself when you’re not feeling 100%, is rub your belly!  With firm pressure make circles in a clockwise direction starting with big circles then moving to smaller more focused ones.  If you feel a tender spot, gently go over that spot till it calms down, you can do this with some lotion or dry.  Add a little peppermint oil or menthol rub to help warm up the area even more.   This move will aid everything from digestion to posture and back pain.  For anything else, give us a call at MetaTouch and let one of our expert therapists get to the bottom of what’s ailing you.


Holden Zalma, CEO

Alternative Health Practitioner



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