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Lower back Pain | Causes & Alternative Treatment

Lower Back Pain Video Explained By Holden Zalma

Lower Back Pain Overview

Every year – 16 million people experience some sort of back pain.  Unfortunately, the main techniques and methods that Western medicine has to treat these conditions are prescribed drugs, injections, physical therapy, and surgery.

The problem with most of these treatments is that they only address the symptoms.  Imagine that you are attempting to treat a wound, but the only treatment prescribed by your doctor is a bandage. Weeks go by and you continue to use bandages, multiple each day, only to find that the wound is still there.  

What if I told you that this is how we treat back pain in the US? Thankfully, there’s a better way with Metatouch!

Instead of hurling countless prescribed drugs at the problem in hopes of suppressing your body’s natural reaction, instead we treat the cause without unnecessary medication. This is what we do here at MetaTouch body balance. 

By working to discover the root cause of back pain, and studying the systems and structures that have fallen out of balance, we are able to help the body regain its equilibrium and eventually lessen or stop the pain through a whole-person approach. Once we decrease or eliminate the pain, we give you the physical & mental tools to maintain optimal health. 

If you are suffering from back pain, and are sick of the way you have been treated, give us a call and begin your journey of regaining the back you want to have!

What Is & What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is your body’s natural response, telling you that your lower back can no longer support a certain type of behavior. Usually, this response is due to a lack of muscle support, probably due to bad posture or lack of strength in your abdomen. If your lower back pain issue is due to a more severe problem such as a disc slipping in your vertebrae, then you have to be sure you have the best care possible. 

Common Causes For Lower Back Pain

  • Physical Strain: usually occurs when you are suffering from a bad diet which has weakened your muscular support, or occurs if you are constantly sitting, sleeping, & working out with bad posture throughout the day.
  • Stress: becoming overwhelmed and living in chronic stress can lead to your body hunching over due to muscle compression. This hunching reaction can lead to muscle fatigue & bad posture to your neck & back
  • Back Injury: following an injury – it is common for your body to no longer be able to support your physical needs consequently weakening your muscles. When muscles that support your lower back are struggling to support your weight, that’s when your body will be putting a strain around your lower back area. The best way is to lean into the discomfort with proper medical guidance so you can prevent further injuries. 

How The MyoAlign Method Can Help

The MyoAlign Method is a technique developed by our founder Holden Zalma. With MyoAlign our expertly trained massage therapists are able to focus on a whole body approach method, a method where we are healing the body by focusing on the real root of your problems rather than just the symptoms you are suffering from. That’s why our Alternative Medical Practice features both Sports Massage Therapists & Physical Trainers. Give us a call on how we can help discover a more balanced you.

MetaTouch Lower Back Pain Treatments

Our focus is on making sure we are treating your pain when other treatment options have failed. Commonly prescribed treatments from medical clinics are solely to provide medicine for pain NOT to treat the real root of your problem. 

How We Differ: We make sure that you receive a proper diagnosis with a set action plan for you to follow. The process is not immediate but the results are long-lasting, if not permanent. It is best to focus on the root of the problems & guide you on how we can further prevent anymore lower back pain symptoms since pills can not provide that for you.

Where To Find Us

Interested in visiting our location & speaking to one of our trained therapists? Click HERE.

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