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Carpal Tunnel Has Nothing To Do With Your Hands!

As humans we like to see pain as something local. Some times this is true, if you cut your arm and it hurts, that’s where the pain is coming from.  But when we feel a pain in our wrists and hands that is a burning or an ache, automatically think there is something wrong with our wrists or hands.  We go to the doctor or someone who specializes in hands.  There options will be to prescribe treatments for just that area.  They will inject the area, splint it, give you exercises to strengthen or even operate on the wrist and hand.  Rarely looking past that specific area.

So what if I told you the pain you were having has nothing to do with your wrists and hands but is merely a symptom of a different problem somewhere else on your body?  Would you think I’m crazy?  That wouldn’t be the first time someone told me that!  But this time I am actually right and me being right will help save you from months of pain and sometimes invasive treatments.

The majority of Carpal Tunnel pain comes from the neck and shoulder.  When the shoulder is overly rotated forward or back usually due to the pectoral muscle (chest) being over developed compared to the back.  All the tendons and nerves can get compressed shortening the entire chain down to the wrist.  This can cause pain or numbness radiating all the way into the fingers.  Spinal compression in the C6-C7 area of the neck can also occur from this same scenario.  Burning pain down the entire arm can then result.

So how do you treat this?  At MetaTouch our therapists release the muscles up the entire chain fixing the route of the problem.  This aligns the neck and shoulder back into place taking the pressure off the hand and wrist.

To help this problem on your own you will need to release the Pectoral muscle yourself.  This can be done with the use of a tennis or soft ball.  Go against the wall, press the ball against your chest and the wall and roll it between the shoulder and the midline of your chest.  Find hot spots and sit on them with the ball till they release.  This won’t fix the problem but will take some of the pressure off the shoulder resulting in less pressure in the wrist.

At MetaTouch we see the body as a whole instead of a bunch of individual parts.  By treating the body as a whole we are able to create lasting beneficial change to the body.

Author, Holden Zalma, founder of MetaTouch has 21 years of experience treating the body and has developed methodologies to help find the root of pain and help eradicate it from the body.

All his therapists are trained in this methodology.

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