Why What We Do at MetaTouch Is So Different

If you haven’t noticed, in the past 10 years massage has gone from something that was only seen in spas and high end centers to a service you can find on almost any street corner.

The trend has been to offer massage cheaper and in higher volume. I call them mills. The problem with this model is that any time you increase volume and decrease price; the quality of massage always suffers.

At MetaTouch we’ve been taking care of your massage and wellness needs for almost 20 years. To compete with the market we keep our prices reasonable, $65 per hour, but one thing we will never skimp on is our quality. Our mission is to provide the best possible service to all our clients. All our therapists our specially trained in house but most have additional experience in other areas of healing. Some have been personal trainers, physical therapists or have been trained in specialized massage techniques. Check out some of the services we provide

At MetaTouch you will never be a number. We encourage our therapists to build relationships with their clients to better address their individual needs. If you see the same therapist each time, they learn what works best for your body and will bring that knowledge to the table each and every time.

We live off of referrals! How has MetaTouch survived almost 20 years? You! Your commitment, loyalty and eagerness to share your experience with others is the lifeblood of our company. Any chance you get please tell your friends and family about our services. Like us on facebook, write a nice review on Yelp, all these things will assist us in our ability to continue to provide the amazing service you expect from MetaTouch.

Thank you,

Holden Zalma, CEO

MetaTouch Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center

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