I’d like to start by introducing myself and giving you some information on what makes MetaTouch different than any other massage or bodywork you have ever experienced.

My name is Holden Zalma and I am the President and founder of The MetaTouch Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center. I was going to the University of Southern California, double majoring in Psychology and Pre-Physical Therapy (Bio) with the goal of going into the field of Physical Therapy. Thirsting for knowledge and experience with in my future profession, I applied for a position with the athletic training department. With a little persistence I landed a job working with some of the top athletes in the country from every sport imaginable. In addition to the trainers that were our direct supervisors there was a wealth of knowledge walking in and out of the training room. Just to name a few; Massage therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Orthopedic Doctors, Nero surgeons, Cardiologists and much more. I used every professional that walked through the door as an education, asking question and trying to observe and sponge off of everything I saw. Once I learned something new, I had the student athletes to test and perfect my technique. I found that I had a knack for fixing things that others couldn’t. The regular assistant trainer would see up to 7 students per day. Before I left the program I was seeing almost 30. With the knowledge that I gained I started MetaTouch about a year before I graduated from USC. A few years into my practice I went back to school for Acupuncture and Oriental medicine and was at the South Balo University for three years.

When I created MetaTouch, I did it with a purpose; to re-define the way people viewed massage and bodywork. The intention of MetaTouch was never to be a “spa.” The comments I heard over and over again from people was that they would get a massage, feel great on the table, get to their car and still be in pain. My goal with MetaTouch was to not only relax people but create lasting change. If we could correct the core problems that were going on in the body instead of just addressing the symptoms, our treatments would cause lasting change. Over the years I created a methodology that uses many different modalities, factoring in the physical condition of the client, the mental state along with 20 other criteria that help determine the best treatment fit for that person. This is what every MetaTouch therapist is taught and is what every client experiences. The one problem I found with this methodology was that we were losing clients because they were getting better too fast!

We bring this passion for healing to every massage we do, whether it be an hour session in our office, a 15 minute break at a company’s office that is giving massages to their staff, or a movie set, working on all the crew.

In a time when the world has become more and more impersonal and based in technology, the power of human touch still stands strong at MetaTouch.

I look forward to seeing you soon!


Holden Zalma

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