The Price of Massage!

As most of you know, I have been in the massage business for over 17 years. During that time I have seen ups and downs and trends come and go. Over the past 3 years a huge shift has occurred which I fear if is not stopped will be the end of the entire industry.

We all know that the economy has not been the greatest, and money is tight. To fill that need a variety of new faces have been popping up every day. It began with the $49 massage movement, a flat cheap rate to get a decent massage. Then Thai massage became very big to the point that you would see a new one open up every week. Their price point went down to $39 per hour. Now we see Chinese foot massage saturating the market with $20 hour long massages.

The margins in the massage business are not huge to begin with, but when the price point keeps being driven down lower and lower you begin to sacrifice quality for price.
The invention of the deal a day sites, have been amazing at bringing large groups of people into a business, but this too brings the price point and margins even lower. We participated in Groupon and had very good experiences, but the only way we can cover our overhead is to keep our base rate high enough to be able to give a fair discount.

The reason I am ranting about all of this, is that I pride myself on the quality and uniqueness of the therapy that our clients receive from our therapists. When choosing a practitioner price should be a factor, but not the only one. If you need to go in for heart surgery, do you want to go with the doctor who gives the biggest discount, or do you want to find the person who has the most experience and best reputation at fixing the problem you have? I personally would prefer the experience.

At MetaTouch we pride our self on the service we provide. Our treatments aren’t just a massage but a healing session to get you out of pain and back to life. We will do our best to keep our prices competitive but they will always be a little higher than the market rate because you get more. I have always believed that quality always triumphs over quantity and expect that quality to show in every treatment given at MetaTouch. If for some reason you ever feel like you were not given the best massage possible, talk to me and I will make it right.

Thank you for your continued trust and patronage.

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