Get Off Your Ass!

I spend my days listening to people, their problems, their fears, their worries and their coping mechanisms for dealing with difficult situations. Now one of the most common complaints I hear about from my clients and staff is Money. There’s never enough and why isn’t someone else giving it to me?

I’ve been in business for almost 19 years and have seen quite a bit during that time. I’ve read a lot of different self-help books and “how to grow a business” books. All of them have different ways of approaching the same dilemma; how to motivate your self to go after your goals and or how make more money.

This is where I get on my soapbox. Especially in my business, there are a lot of ethereal thinkers that don’t always have their feet firmly placed on the ground. Because of this thinking, they try and “manifest” what they want which is usually freedom and money. Manifesting can come in the form of, praying, hoping, writing it down, creating a “dream bored”, and countless hours of self-introspection. What does this all amount to you ask? Lost time! These people spend so much time thinking about what they are going to do or waiting for divine inspiration that they never do anything at all. I have one simple phrase that I believe sums up the whole lot of them, they have “paralysis via analysis.” They think so much and so hard about something, that they never do it!

This is where the title of this thought comes into play “get off your ass!” Your plotting and conceptualization time should never be greater that the time you spend actually going after your goals. Sure put together a plan, form an idea, but after that, get off your ass and do it! If you want to make more money, get out there and hustle. If you work for your self, this is the only way you will progress. Take risks, you might fail but then pick your self up and try again till you don’t. If you work for someone else, ask your boss, “ What can I do to help you grow the business?” If I do help, then how will you compensate me for that growth? Don’t just say, I want more money or why aren’t you finding more work for me? If you go to your boss motivated to help grow their business with you in it, that will be music to any employers ears. And 9 out of 10 time they will reward you for those efforts.

There are so many people trying to find themselves, and their purpose or their direction. They blame society, their parents, the media, they blame everyone but themselves, why do they blame everyone and thing? Because it’s easier than looking at them selves accepting that they’re not perfect and that you alone have control over your own destiny.

So if you would like to change something in your life, change it. Take action, work hard, don’t take no for an answer. Just don’t spend your whole life “thinking” about what you will never do. Take control of your money, and your life. Get out there.

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