5 Tips For Relieving Stress During the Holidays

5 tips for relieving stress during the holidays:

  • Make a plan! How many times have we waited till the very last minute to get that gift or plan a get together? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during the holidays, the crowds are bigger the noises are louder and the stress seems insurmountable. This is where a plan can make all the difference. If you plot out all the things you need to get done in a timely manner then the night before Christmas you can be sitting by the fire with a cup of hot coco instead of fighting all the crazies at the mall.
  • Exercise! With all the holiday parties and cookies and cakes that come to the office there is temptation all around. A good way to combat the stress of all these sweet temptations is to stick to a consistent exercise program. Not only will exercising help you keep off the pounds but also helps combat depression and give you more energy during the day to take on all that may come your way.
  • Buy something for your self! The holidays are so focused on giving to others that sometimes we lose our self in the shuffle. Sometimes getting our self a little something can help bring up the mood and help make the season a little brighter. You deserve it!
  • Help those in need! Just as you need a little help every once in a while there are a lot of people that need even more. Donate your time to a children’s center, a soup kitchen, or your favorite charity. The gratitude from those you help for giving your time, surpasses any financial donation you could ever give.
  • Make time for yourself! Especially in this town we over schedule ourselves to the max. Find time to be still. Eat a good meal, get a massage or even take a walk on the beach. We live in California; we can still walk on the beach even in December! Trust me, with all the things you need to do, if you are burned out twitching in the corner, none of it will get done.
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