What a Pregnancy Massage Really Can Do

Pregnancy massage, more than just a time to relax.

When you hear the word Pregnancy massage, what comes to mind? A spa, pretty candles, sweet smelling oils and relaxation? Well you wouldn’t be wrong, but what most people don’t understand is that in addition to the relaxation benefits of a massage there are huge therapeutic elements that most clients and therapists fail to realize.

Pregnancy massage and Acupuncture can assist women through the entire pregnancy process:

-Getting pregnant: Stimulating specific points throughout the body and breaking up adhesions that can impede the conception process can help increase the chances of getting pregnant.

-Pregnancy: During pregnancy the body goes through hundreds of changes. Some can cause new aches and pains that your doctor has very few solutions for. This is where MetaTouch therapeutic treatments can help. Our treatments can help alleviate carpal tunnel symptoms, swollen feet, back and neck pain, morning sickness, sciatica headaches and much more with out any danger to the unborn baby. At our office, we also have a specialized table that you can lie face down all the way through your pregnancy.

-Delivery: Most of us run our lives by the clock and calender. Unfortunately most babies have their own schedule that do not match with ours! By using specific points and techniques we can help move up the baby’s timetable and help induce labor when the due date has already passed. There are also techniques to safely help turn the baby in utero when they are sitting in the wrong position for delivery.

-Post Delivery: Now your baby is here, your body has been through the ringer and sleep has become a luxury that you only can dream about. Again MetaTouch can help. During your pregnancy your body is flooded with a hormone called relaxin. This hormone helps prepare your body to stretch and grow to handle the baby coming. After the delivery for a short while, relaxin is still present in the body. This makes it easier for your therapist to re-align your body so that when it returns back to its normal state, everything is where its supposed to be.

The other benefit of getting a massage after your baby comes, is to take a nap in peace! You worked hard now it’s time to reward yourself.

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