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Pregnancy | You Have A Lot More Control Than You Think!

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life filled with much excitement and joy.  But along with all the happy feelings come the fear of the unknown, changes in her body, mood and being bombarded with too much conflicting information.

I remember when we were pregnant with my son his mother went through horrible morning sickness, swollen ankles, back pain, numbness in her hands not to mention bouts of uncontrollable crying.  When we went to the doctor and asked if there was anything we could do to help with her myriad of symptoms, we were told all we could do was take Tylenol.  This didn’t seem like a good solution at all. As new soon to be parents, we were scared that everything we did might potentially hurt the baby, and searching the internet only worsened every fear and anxiety.  The irony was I had already been in the healing world for 5 years and she was a labor and delivery nurse!  It just goes to show you that practitioners make the worst patients!  But we did learn…

Fast forward, my son is now 15 years old, healthy and happy and his mom is too.  But in those 15 years, being in the healing business and seeing thousands of pregnant women in our practice, the one thing I can say is that the human body is very resilient and so is the baby growing inside of you.  It is really hard to hurt your unborn child unless you truly want to; drinking, smoking, drugs and hard impacts or trauma to the body.  Other than that the baby won’t come out unless it really wants to!

What I did find out is that most of the conditions that my son’s mother had during her pregnancy were treatable safely and easily without endangering the mother or child.

The body during pregnancy goes through massive changes.  With the help of our specialized treatments we can lesson or eliminate back pain, swelling, numbness in the hands and feet along with stopping neck pain quickly and easily.  When pain is decreased and a proper diet and exercise routine is introduced, a lot of the symptoms of morning sickness and mood swings can be lessened.

Also with the help of acupuncture and massage we work to balance the body making the pregnancy a smoother and pleasant process.  This same balancing can assist in the fertility process without harsh drugs or procedures to help get you pregnant in the first place.

Happy bodies make happy babies!

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Author: Holden Zalma, CEO, Alternative Health Practitioner of MetaTouch Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center

Holden has been treating patients with his specialized MetaTouch Technique for the past 20 years and is seen as one of the top practitioners in his field. 

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