Is A Sports Massage Really The Best Treatment For You?

At most massage centers the client is given a choice of what type of massage they would like to receive. The most common options are deep tissue massage, sports massage, or swedish massage.  So how do you know if a sports massage is really the best treatment for you?  A sports massage consists of specific strokes to help loosen muscles and flush lactic acid out of the body.  When we exercise vigorously, our body floods our muscles with lactic acid as a defense mechanism.  This mechanism creates soreness in hopes to limit overuse and injury, while the muscles have time to repair and heal.  Sometimes we’re sore longer than needed and getting a sports massage can help speed this recovery along.  By flushing out the lactic acid the body can recover quicker, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals faster.  

The problem with most massage is that no matter what treatment you choose the therapist is going to perform the treatment “THEY” are most comfortable performing.  This treatment is not always what is best for the client.  At MetaTouch we don’t offer “sports massage”  but instead a customised treatment catered to your specific physical condition, state of mind, pain and fitness level.  During our consultation we discover all of those factors and use them to design the perfect treatment to address your specific needs. Click below to book your customized session today!

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This is Physical Therapy MetaTouch style! Our therapists use specialized techniques and exercises to bring you back into balance and keep you there.

Our Body Balance program was created to help get you and your body back to zero. Zero is the point at which all parts of your body and mind are working together and in their proper alignment.

Our specialized form of therapeutic massage utilizes the MyoAlign Technique invented by our founder Holden Zalma.

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