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Knowing Why and When to Get a Pre-Marathon Sports Massage

There are many reasons to get a pre-marathon sports massage, and the reasons will vary from person to person. Some people may get massages because of an injury, while others may want to prevent it from happening. Other people may simply want to relax and feel good before the big race.

The benefits of getting a pre-marathon sports massage are numerous. For one, it can help to improve your flexibility and range of motion. This is important because it can help you avoid injuries during the race. It can also help to improve your circulation and increase oxygen flow to your muscles. This way, you may feel more energetic and prepared for the event.

Another benefit of getting a pre-marathon sports massage is that it can help to relieve any muscle tension or stress you may be feeling. This is important because it can help you focus on your race and avoid distractions. It can also help you to feel more relaxed overall.

That said, many are still confused about why and when they may still need to go through a sports massage; that is why we have written a couple of pointers below that may help you better understand its core benefits.

The Right Timing

First, you should consider what time of the day you are having the massage. If you are having the massage in the morning, you may want to consider a lighter massage as your muscles may be tighter from sleep. If you are having the massage in the evening, you may want a deeper massage to help you relax and unwind from the day.

A pre-marathon massage can help improve your performance by mobilizing your muscles and fascia and flushing toxins from your system.

Its Main Significance

Deep tissue massages help to improve blood flow to your muscles by stimulating the circulatory system. This increased blood flow provides your muscles with more oxygen and nutrients, helps to remove waste products from your muscles, and can improve your overall muscle function.

Whilst massaging your muscles, a physio can detect tight knots and apply different techniques to mobilize them. This allows for a deeper massage which can be beneficial for runners pre-marathon. However, leaving enough time for the soreness to disappear before the race is essential.

At the clinic, physios may also consider the client’s feedback regarding the soft tissue quality. This enables them to work on areas progressively until they become more relaxed and less painful.

There are many benefits to deep tissue massages, including improved blood circulation, reduced muscle soreness, and increased mobility. Deep tissue massages can also be helpful in treating chronic conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. If you are considering a deep tissue massage, be sure to consult with your physician first to ensure that it is right for you.

Is Deep Tissue Massage Right for Everyone?

Of course, deep tissue massage is not recommended for pregnant women, people with osteoporosis, or those who have recently undergone surgery. People with a history of blood clots should also avoid deep tissue massages. If you have any other medical conditions, please be sure to consult with your physician before scheduling an appointment.


Overall, a pre-marathon sports massage can be extremely beneficial for runners. It can help improve performance and prevent injuries. It is also important to know when to get a sports massage and to be familiar with their different types. A qualified massage therapist can tailor a service and approach to the runner’s individual needs well enough to condition them for the marathon.

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