Do You Have Happy Feet?

I like to think of the feet as the wheels of our body. I apologize for another car analogy, but it works. When the alignment of your car is off, your tires wear out, your overall performance decreases and it just messes with how everything works. Your body operates the same way. If you sprain your ankle walking across the street, your gait (the way you walk) is automatically changed. This change can eventually make your hip hurt because one is doing more work than the other. This cycle continues till the whole system breaks down.

In Chinese medicine the feet and hands contain points where all the channels in the body either begin or end. So this means something that happens to the feet can directly affect other organs or systems in the body. That’s why a bad pair of shoes can ruin your entire day and make you feel weak or even ill.
So take care of your feet, pamper, respect and move them. Here’s a good trick to keep your feet in peak condition:

While you’re sitting watching TV grab one foot and start pulling your toes; up and down, spread them apart, stretch them around. Hold each stretch for 2 seconds then move it the other way and repeat. Do 10-15 pumps per direction.
Do this twice a week and notice how the dexterity comes back into your feet (Your feet were like your hand when you were a baby; let’s see if we can get back there!) You’re back will feel better and you’ll be amazed at how much more grounded you feel.

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