Why Does My Back Hurt?

I think this has become one of the most common question, in the english language, next to “Where did I leave my keys?” 

So why does your back hurt?  That can depend on a lot of different things. What type of pain are you having? Where is the pain? Does it travel? How did it start? When does it hurt the most?

All these questions will help solve the mystery of why your back hurts.  Now here is the distinction I want you to understand, there is a humongous difference in what caused your pain and how it is manifesting!  Now if you go to the doctor they are either going to give you some muscle relaxers and anti inflammatories and tell you to relax and hopefully it will go away, or if it is more severe, send you for x-rays or an MRI.  Some of the things they can find in these scans are disk herniations, fractures, compressions, arthritis or degenerative disk disease, just to name a few. All these things sound scary but in reality are how your pain is manifesting!

Now the cause of your pain is what is often overlooked or ignored.  The cause could be something as simple as you stubbing your toe a month ago!  Stubbing your toe, changed the way you walked. That pulled your hips into a different alignment, forcing you to use smaller weaker muscles to do the job of bigger ones. The body is a fine tuned, balanced machine.  When something throws off that balance, the body does its best to compensate to keep the machine running. After a while, the body runs out of resources to deal with the systems that aren’t working, and you then feel pain. 

Most of the time when you are feeling pain, you are not feeling the real problem or cause but instead the last place your body was unable to compensate. So how does this knowledge help?  Let me tell you. If you are only treating that last piece or symptom, do you think that will solve the reason you are in pain or just act as a bandaid? If you answered bandaid, you get a gold star!  

The only true way to get out of back pain is to stop it at its source.  Correct the imbalances that were created, then strengthen you back into proper alignment. At MetaTouch, this is exactly what we do.  By tracing back the root cause of your pain, we can unravel and rebalance the body, allowing it to once again function at full capacity.

Stop covering up or patching your pain, it’s time to fix it at the source.  

If you have a pain that has been bothering you for too long or just don’t feel yourself, give us a call at 310-397-3422 or drop us a note at https://metatouch.com/contact-us and experience what your body should feel like with a MetaTouch treatment!

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