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Natural Solutions to Your Back Pain That Deliver Results

If you always experience lower back pain or any type of pain in the back, it might seem as if you’re stuck watching your life pass by.

Many people sit most of the day, whether on the commute to work, at their desks at the office, while they eat lunch, return home by train or bus, during dinner, and even as they watch Netflix in the evenings.

You might not realize that what you are doing to your back is a nightmare. Sitting puts so much pressure on your lower back and spine that it’s no wonder it hurts!

How can one get rid of that bothersome lower back pain? From personal training to custom therapeutic massage, here are some natural options that work wonders:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may be a better solution for you if you’re suffering from chronic or recurring back pain. Our physical therapists can help you understand how your body moves and how you might be able to move better. We can help you with aerobic exercise and prescribe medication or other solutions to help you live better with your back pain.

They are also more likely to work with your insurance company if you have any coverage.

Personal Training

Everyone has different bodies, and therefore, everyone needs to have a different fitness journey. MetaTouch’s mobile personal training services can help you find the right path and stick to it, without sacrificing your convenience. Your workouts will be tailored according to your body, goals, capabilities, and level of fitness. 

Ergonomic Workspace

Chances are that if you’re reading this article, you sit at a desk all day. You’re probably getting low-back pain because of it.

That’s why it’s so vital that you look into these ergonomic solutions.

You should first check out a sit-to-stand desk that allows you to transition to a standing workstation. You often find these in offices and other workplaces.

Your back will thank you as you no longer need to reach down to write, work on documents, or browse the web. You’re less likely to end up hunched over, which is another common cause of back pain.

One of the best things about these ergonomic desks is that they can help you get the exercise you need. Many of the chairs with these desks have a programmable option that enables you to raise and lower the desk.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is hands-down one of the best ways to treat bad back pain. A competent massage therapist can not only help you feel a lot better but can also help you get rid of your back pain.

Letting a massage therapist work out the knots and kinks in your back will help your back start to heal. It is also a great way to release deep muscle tension accumulated over time.

Massages help you relax; even though that’s not the primary benefit, they are excellent for your health.


At the end of the day, back pain is a real problem affecting many Americans. It is not without hope, though. As you can see, you can do many things to eliminate it, including chiropractic care, improving your workspace, getting acupuncture, and custom therapeutic massage. 

The good news is that the solutions discussed above are all safe and effective. You can choose to try one or all of them and see which one works best for your back pain. 

MetaTouch offers custom therapeutic massage in Culver City that can help alleviate the back pain you are experiencing. Schedule your appointment with us today and experience the MetaTouch difference!

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