Are We Addicted to Medication?

Lately I’ve noticed in LA, almost everyone is on some sort of medication. They take a pill because they’re sad another because they’re too happy another to stay focused and another to fall asleep. We’ve become a society of patches, if something’s wrong, take a pill and all will be fine…or will it? When did we stop dealing with our problems? If you’re sad why not figure out why you are sad, talk to someone, develop coping skills then you won’t be sad anymore. When we take a pill it’s almost like shoving our problems under a rug. We know they are still there, we see the lump in the rug, but keep on pretending it’s not there. 20-30 years ago 80% of the medication that is available today didn’t even exist. And guess what, people still got by, they went to work, interacted with their families and continued to function. If a problem arose, they had no choice but to deal with, and move on. I think this is one of the reasons I started MetaTouch in the first place, to deal with peoples problems head on and help them move toward a solution. It was never enough to put a Band-Aid on something or sweep it under the rug. I believe if you can find a healthy solution to a problem instead of hiding behind a pill, in the long run, you will be happier. This is my opinion and should be taken as that. There are many indications where medication is necessary and beneficial and in those situations I fully support their use. It is when they are used instead of dealing with an issue or the solution might be a bit of a challenge that I disagree with their abuse. One last example, I man in his 40’s severely overweight is told by his doctor to start blood pressure medicine, because his pressure is too high. This man had no congenital coronary problems. The reason for his high blood pressure is his lack of exercise and poor eating habits. This has caused him to gain weight and make his heart work that much harder. But now he has a pill that will allow him to continue along the same path with out taking any accountability for his own body or health. All I can wish is that one day we as a population will take accountability for our bodies and not rely on a pill to cover up what we choose not to see.

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