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Why You Should Approach Health and Wellness Holistically

Nowadays, there are varying discussions about holistic approaches to health and wellness. What does this mean, exactly? Holistic medicine focuses on the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—for body balance. As a field, it treats the underlying cause of illness rather than just the symptoms.

So exactly why must we approach health and wellness from a holistic perspective?

Benefit #1: Connection to Natural Healing Abilities

Approaching health from a body-balance perspective is the best way to ensure you get the care you need. A holistic approach to health can lead to increased self-awareness, a better understanding of what works best for you, and improved overall health. A classic instance of this would be a patient who meditates daily. They may not experience stress like someone who doesn’t meditate experiences stress.

Sadly, our healthcare system tends to focus on treating people after they become sick. This can lead to many prescribed medications, which can cause more challenges. If more people approached their health holistically and ensured they were getting regular checkups and did not allow their stress levels to become high, some think we would have fewer people in need of doctors.

The human body and mind are united in many ways. Stress or illness can harm our mental health. For instance: do you ever feel stressed and fall ill shortly after? That’s because our immune system is compromised when we are stressed. On the other hand, a strong immune system can reduce stress levels. This is just one instance of how the mind and body are interconnected; a holistic approach seeks to achieve a balance between the two.

Body balance tactics can include dietary changes, exercise, stress management like meditation, and supplements. Some people may feel healthy or have a healthy lifestyle but are aware they could feel better. Sometimes, the best starting point is gut health. While it is not something many traditional doctors look at, did you know your gut regulates everything from your immunity to feelings? Therefore, an issue with gut health can lead to several problems. 

On the other hand, a holistic doctor may recommend dietary changes, supplements, or additions to help improve gut health and overall health.

Benefit #2: It Is Customizable

Patients can choose from various holistic therapies and techniques, each with benefits. While a specific type may not appeal to you, many other techniques are available. Holistic medicine is great for people who want to take an active role in their health.

Most people think of holistic medicine as alternative therapies like acupuncture or herbal remedies. But something called a holistic approach to health promotes healing by looking at the whole person. This approach doesn’t exclude modern medicine. You can also adopt a holistic approach to modern medicine or alternative therapies for total body balance!

Benefit #3: It May Lead to Optimal Health

What is optimal health or body balance? It means you are focusing on feeling good, mentally and emotionally, having vitality and energy, being active, and being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced. It looks different for everyone, but that is generally what optimal health includes.


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