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MetaTouch Body Balance was founded by Holden Zalma in 1994, Where he wanted to help people get out of pain. He did this through customized treatments that addressed them as a whole person and took into account environmental factors like emotional stability or physical conditions. This method is called MyoAlign. With his MyoAlign method, he has been able to successfully find the core problem of his clients for almost two decades.

When Holden Zalma found out that the medical system had become so hyper-specialized that individuals’ well-being was replaced with patching and chasing symptomology, he knew something needed to change. As an alternative medicine practitioner committed to putting your health above all else–with MetaTouch you are a whole person not just another number on our list of clients

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The MetaTouch Difference

We use a multidisciplinary approach to healing that identifies the root cause of your pain to balance your body back to its optimal state. This is achieved by incorporating specific aspects of bodywork, Physical Therapy, specialized movements, and mindset coaching uniquely tailored to you.

30 years in the field

Years of experience means that we have the knowledge to give you the exact care you need and deserve.

Over 300,000+ happy clients

The average MetaTouch client refers at least 5 people! We consider all our clients part of the MetaTouch family, would you like to join our family?

Wide variety of therapy types

Because we don’t subscribe to one particular technique, we are able to treat you with what you need, not just what we know.

A holistic approach to the problem

We believe that the body and mind are not separate entities. By treating the whole person as opposed to just their symptoms, we are able to achieve amazing long-lasting results.

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The MetaTouch Studio

We're so excited to have you in our MetaTouch studio! The space is packed with all the equipment needed for a full-body workout. We designed it that way because we know how important home-based exercise can be, and wanted this area's programs & movements easily portable too. Our goal is to create a space where any movements or exercises can be completed efficiently as if you were in your home or gym.

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