• Multi Focal Vibration

  • Ergonomic

  • Proprioceptive

  • Therapeutic resonance

MetaTouch is now offering sessions on the amazing rejuvenating Keope

Call today to experience the healing effects Keope can have on your body.

While holding the body in a perfect ergonomic state and completely free of functional load, the Keope mfv uses mechanical vibration to achieve a new level of wellness in a matter of minutes and in a completely natural way.

Within minutes, Keope’s intrinsic design melts your body into a state of complete comfort and a level of relaxation unique only to Keope.  The Multi Focal Vibrations, works to help improve respiration, cardiac and vascular function, all while soothing the entire musculoskeletal system.

Keope’s gravity opposing structure assists the body into a position free of all functional loads.  This allows the muscles and joints (the musculoskeletal system) to function without burden or compensation regularly required by the force of gravity we experience every day.

When the body is free of functional loads, every muscle and joint is at rest and without need to compensate for existing injuries or trauma it normally deals with.  This improves oxygenation, circulation and relaxation to these structures and is achieved by unique gravity opposing structures acting on strategic (specific) points.

Keope adapts perfectly to your body

Keope mfp’s gravity opposing design is adjustable to perfectly fit any body type.


Vibration is one of the most natural ways to achieve wellbeing.  Through proprioceptive channels, the keope vibrations overcome the natural barriers other therapeutic modalities



Skeletal posture remodeling

Psycho-physical relaxation

Muscle relaxation

Muscle strengthening

Reduction of stress


To schedule a demonstration or enquire about purchasing a Keope for your self or your clinic in California please call 310.397.3422 or

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